Monumenti aperti in Alghero and Oristano


    "Monumenti Aperti" translated in english: "Opened Monuments" is an event in Sardinia that attracts many visitors. Many monuments in each city of Sardinia are opened to the public and visitors. On Saturday 15 th and Sunday 16th of October, you can visit "Monumenti Aperti" in Alghero and Oristano. This is the fifth edition for the town of Alghero and the third for the town of Oristano.

    After the summer break, the tour started on 25 and 26 September in San Giovanni Suergiu. This was a very interesting event, that attracted about 1648 visitors.

    Among the 13 usable sites, the most visited in San Giovanni Suergiu were: "Medau is Loccis" and the "Necropolis of Is Loccis Santus".