Pelosa beach


    The beach Pelosa of Stintino is one of the beaches preferred by international travelers in the summer 2009. This is the result of the ranking produced by, the travel portal which has classified the beaches most reviewed and clicked on the network of 19 portals.

    It is said that the classification is based on the index of satisfaction (average ratings and clicks received) in August and September 2009 for the category beaches. The beach Pelosa is the only Italian beach that compare in ninth position on the top ten compiled by, even before the famous beach Copacabana in Brazil, situated on the south of Rio de Janeiro. At the first place we find the Praia de As Catedrais in the Spanish Galicia.

    In second place there is the Anse Lazio, in the north east coast of one of the biggest islands of the Seychelles, Praslin. Then on the third step of the podium there is the beach of Jandia Peninsula, in the south of Fuerteventura. In the fourth position there is the beach of Balos on the island of Crete. The fifth place goes instead to Tsambika in Rhodes, Greece. Palombaggia beach, in the south of Porto Vecchio in Corsica, goes in sixth while Whitehaven Beach in Australia wins the seventh. In the eighth place Hanauma Bay, Hawaii.