Poetto: World Championship of kiteboarding


    They’re coming from all over the world, the stars that October 2 to 7 will battle for the World Championship of kiteboarding in the new Olympic class of racing at Poetto.


    Among them is also famous names and former Olympic medal for windsurfing.

    The championship, organized by the Yacht Club Cagliari, has become very important in the world, after the recent decision of ISAF (International Sailing Federation), the highest body of the sail has decided to enter the kite to the next Olympics in Brazil in the discipline of racing.

    Since this is the first of four Olympic years, the various federations are doing transmigrate many former champions of the sport of windsurfing to kiteboarding. Especially as technicians and managers.

    Chris Sieber, the Viennese gold medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, will reach the Sardinian capital as the head of the Austrian team.

    Mike Gebbhart, bronze medalist in Seoul in ’88 and silver in Barcelona in ’92, comes in Cagliari as well as leader of the U.S. team.

    He will play together with the CRO (Chief Race Officer) Mirco Babini, during the week, one stage on the improved techniques of racing for several international athletes.

    But the biggest name in the world of windsurfing, now devoted to the kite, is perhaps Alex Aguera, the leading champion for fifteen years behind the World Cup windsurfing Robby Naish and Bjorn Dunkerbeck,. Since 2000, since the first kite competition, Alex idedicated to kitesurfing, becoming also the contest director of the PKRA World Tour.

    Aguera comes back in Sardinia after 32 years, when he won the World Championsih Windsurfer team sailing in Baia Sardinia.

    Now he is a shaper (manufacturer) of one of the best boards in kite racing. Meanwhile, enrollment reached a record number of 208 members, and the program has two fields with spectacular race close to shore in the Angels Gulf, with the base area that will extend from the sixth bus stop to the old hospital Marino.

    For more information: www.kitecagliari.com