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    See also the article in italian language: Pubblicità e Promozione
    Who is the Social Media Manager? It is new in Italy, but already diffused in the United States. The social media manager has experience in the management of social media and able to use different and new forms of communication in the Web 2.0. He works to promote the image of a public or private company using the tools offered by Web 2.0, especially social networking sites. The requirements? He must have a deep experience in the web, organizational skills and project management, excellent communication skills for the development of ideas, technology and predisposition to learn new tools.

    Our knowledge of social media, web marketing and web analysis: Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ), helps you to develop your business on the web. Through the online newspaper also suitable for iPhone, the digital magazine Sardegna Media Time, our web sites, and through the major networks such as Facebook, Sardegna Live Web TV, the MTPublisher reaches over 40,000 users daily.

    We can create for you a project to promote your company in a right way. See the optios below:

    Web SitesOnline Newspaper: we create websites and online newspapers based on content manager in a language (Italian), two languages (English, Italian), three languages (English, Italian, German). Our prices are very competitive and we meet your needs.
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    The technology developed by MTPublisher can reach a target, according to your needs and requirements and allow your project to interface with the community (like Facebook) and achieve the goals set by you.

    Web Analysis: For existing sites we analyze your website and we offer solutions that help you to improve search engine rankings. This is due to years of experience in web marketing and thanks to the qualification we have achieved, including Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) (PDF file).
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    Digital magazine and pdf magazine: we create models of newspapers and digital magazines for you.
    Example: July Newspaper –  More than 2,500 readers a day (view statistics). One of the most popular newspaper on (5° position)
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    Advertising: we offer advertising or editorial articles in our online magazine and digital magazine at very affordable prices.
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    MT Publisher supports you in all phases of your project: from project management to graphics and creation of news, from web marketing and social media management until the creation of a number of users whom offer your services.

    See also the article in italian language: Pubblicità e Promozione