Sardinia: the first in the production of AirPod – The car will cost 7000 € and emits only cold air


    Sardinia will be the first region in Italy involved in the industrial production of AirPod, the innovative car with a compressed-air engine, at zero emissions, that will cost about 7 thousand euros and it will be not expensive at all: with a liter, at the cost of about 1 euro, it will cover 100 km.

    In a few months (probably in the early 2013) in Sardinia various models of AirPod will be produced: Normal, Cargo, Cargo Maxi, Golf and Baby.

    AirPod, that looks like a kind of large egg, with two large glass side doors that slide upwards, and is driven with a joystick, is under the license of Mdi, Air Mobility Consortium, a consortium of companies and businessmen interested in investing in the Green Economy, setting up in Cagliari.

    “It is possible that the first factory will be built in the sardinian industrial centre of Ottana (Nu) – says Pier Paolo Pisano, one of the partners – Another dislocation for the construction of the model Cargo, a sort of pick up, will be the industrial area of ??Cagliari, Macchiareddu. The economic costs of the operation – continues Pisano – could be around 2 million euros to produce a thousand of cars a year that will cost 7 thousand euros at ‘zero’ emissions”.