Tempio Pausania: where the cork is fashion


    Sughereta Cusseddu-Miali_parapintaA look at the clothes and bags made of cork lets you impressed by the creativity and expressiveness of the collections. This kind of tree has its ideal habitat in the Mediterranean area and one of the highest qualities of cork can be found in Sardinia.

    suberis fashionThe fashion cork originates from Tempio Pausania where it started the first shop specialized in clothes of cork. The particular tissue is called Suberis and was designed several years ago by Anna Grindi, a sardinian designer.

    Suberis fabric originates from the bark, which is extracted from the cork oak tree (Quercus suber L.).

    Through a long and demanding series of stages, after years of seasoning and sorting out the best kinds, the cork is treated and processed into thin sheets (a few tenths of a millimetre) to get a fabric and yarn branded with the Suberis® label.

    Due to its insulating qualities, cork is also used in the fields of apparel (jackets, pants, dresses for day and evening), accessories, footwear, furniture (upholstery of chairs, armchairs, sofas), interior finishings.

    La stazione sperimentale di sughero di Tempio Pausania (Experimental station of the cork of Tempio Pausania), which is from 2005 part of AGRIS, is a research center that studies the biological issues related to the cork and manages the experimental cork forest of “Cusseddu-Miali-Parapinta”, very famous for its pure cork, that extends for about 67 hectares and its characteristic element is constituted by the presence of a forest of cork that covers about 70% of its surface.

    This cork forest was the first in the world to be certified according to the strict criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

    The FSC logo identifies products which contain wood originating from forests managed properly and responsibly according to strict, social and economic environmental.

    In the Convention center of the Experimental Station of the cork in Tempio Pausania is located the ‘Museo del sughero’, an Historical Museum of the machines of the cork.

    The exhibition provides a historical journey through the testimony of machinery for the manufacture of cork, from the early early 900’s, and a wide collection of artifacts that describes the history of industry and crafts.

    The collection is divided into different sections: art, international, rural, industrial etc.

    All the equipment and tools in the museum, used in the past for the cork industry, have been restored to their original functions by skilled craftsmen.

    Museo del Sughero
    Via San Francesco, 3
    For info: + 39 346 369 3859