A voyage into the mystery of Tombs of Giants

    Tombs of giants

    It is a mysterious and interesting theme the one concerning the healing energies of Tombs of Giants in Sardinia. What is a fact, it is the growing number of tourists and sardinian people that every year visits them to treat headaches, anxiety, osteoporosis, sciatica, myopia.

    A tourism of magical places that is becoming increasingly widespread in Sardinia, and that attracts curious and passionate of the neolithic cures that are good for the soul and the body.

    In some articles published in important italian newspapers, this healing energy of the Giants’ tombs was defined neolithic radiotherapy and to feel the beneficial effects just settle on stele half an hour at a time, every morning or afternoon, all for about ten days, or, for those who practice the group therapy, stay in circle on the boulders and gradually the magnetic resonance is felt into the body.

    But what is the ‘rational’ explanation of this energy?

    Under the Earth’s crust slide telluric energies and magnetic forces that make our planet an authentic ‘organism’. Man, being of mother earth, has the faculty to interact and be very sensitive to these ‘ movements ‘, and, in certain situations, to absorb them subconsciously.

    Ramparts accumulators of these energies would be the giants’ graves, those strange constructions which cover the sardinian territory and that we can find only in this region and nowhere else in the world, reason enough to consider them of great importance.

    Who has chosen to build a temple in a certain place rather than another?

    The ancient architecture is quite different from the modern one, because constructions were builded not above the nature, but within it, in a warm and vital embrace.

    Several were the methods for the selection of places …

    Often the so-called sensitive chose the place where to build the sanctuary. These people with innate sensory capacity, in the past were the druids or the ‘holy men of the village’.

    The neo temple, already full of the magnetic forces, was also enriched by the positive energy of inhabitants that went there to pray.

    Often there was also the proximity of a water source, a fundamental element for rituals, as demonstrated by the many holy wells in Sardinia. In Gallura (the northern area of Sardinia) the nuragical sites are erected in the most of cases on places where are intense telluric forces.

    The official medicine remains skeptical, but this does not prevent many people to believe and get involved by charming and interesting mysteries that Sardinia has to offer.

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